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Owning your own luxury holiday home.


Buying a Luxury holiday home is a major lifestyle choice. Doing so enables you to own a “home from home”; somewhere relaxing to escape to when it's time for a hard-earned break from the daily grind. Just think no more hassle with that awning or parking your car on someone’s space!!

Owning your own holiday home also gives you a base from which to enjoy fantastic holidays with your nearest and dearest, year after year. Our range of holiday homes have fully fitted kitchens, integrated appliances and a proper usable bathroom. No nipping to the shower block in your dressing gown and towel!

Our season runs from the 1st of March until the 31st of October. We have staff in the office all year round and a site warden on site throughout the year.

Running Costs

As with any big purchase, cost is a major thing to consider. As well as the initial capital outlay associated with buying your holiday caravan, there will also be additional and ongoing running costs to bear in mind.

The ongoing running costs of a holiday caravan will be broken down into the following components:


  1. Site Fees – £2,350 per year.

 ½ price or free for the first year with the sale of a van, dependant on the deal. Site fees must be paid by the 31st of January for the forthcoming season. Payment plans are available.


  1. Gas - Gas is a vital source of power to your holiday caravan. This is supplied by the bottle. £58.00 per bottle delivered and connected. One gas bottle is usually supplied with the sale of a van. Customer generally use between 3 and 6 bottles a year.


Change over valves can be purchased at £185.00 supplied and fitted (Optional)This enables you to have two bottles connected and you never have to worry you’ll run out of gas whilst you’re in the middle of cooking.


Gas Test – Yearly gas test £40.00 per year (Compulsory)


Drain downs - £45.00 per year this includes reconnection at the start of the season. (optional) you can do this yourself but there’s no guarantee that you’ve done it correctly so may incur problems with the boiler.


  1. Electricity - Electricity is another vital source of power to your holiday caravan. Our electric is metered and bills are produced twice a season, in June and at the end of the season. The usage varies depending on how much you use your van but the average customer pays between £80 and £180 per season.


  1. Electric test – Initial test is a year and then every 3 years. £38.00 (Compulsory)testing sockets and appliances.

Just think – no more power cuts when someone plugs a kettle in!!


  1. Insurance - In the modern world, insurance is necessary on most things, particularly things as valuable as a static caravan. Insure the caravan’s full value and that of its contents; this will provide cover and peace of mind should the worst happen. Usual quotes are around £160 - £219 a year. We suggest Coast insurance, but this is totally your decision. All we ask is that you provide us with a copy of your certificate for our records.


  1. Warranties – There are several warranties on the holiday home, please check with your paperwork upon receipt of your van. If you have any queries please feel free to ask.


  1. General Maintenance - Thanks to modern building materials and techniques, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern for you. These days, static caravans are well put together units, leaving caravan owners only responsible for the most basic of maintenance. Remember that, while caravan warranties can be extended, most will not cover damage caused by regular wear and tear.


  1. Finance Arrangements - If you purchased your holiday caravan on finance, always remember to factor any monthly finance payments into your budget.


  1. TV Licence - Do I need a TV Licence for a static caravan holiday home on a UK Park? - As an owner of a static holiday caravan situated on a UK park (for non-residential use) it is not mandatory if you have a valid TV licence at your main residence.


  1. Decking and slabs – Decking must be supplied and installed by SunnyDecks only. These range from £1,800 upwards. It is not compulsory to have decking or a slabbed area. We do sometimes sell the decking as part of a package deal. All plans are submitted to management and the council to ensure we meet regulations


  1. Sheds - (Optional) if you would like a shed we can sort that for you! They range from £280 + vat and slabs for the area are £180 + vat all sheds must have slabbing underneath and be installed and supplied with the authorisation of the management.


In a nutshell

Compulsory –

Site fees £2,350 yearly Paid monthly in advance options available

Gas test - £40 yearly – Certification given

Electric test - £38 every 3 years, certification given. 1st year is a one-year test.

Gas bottles £58 per bottle 47kg

Insurance £160 - £180 per year Paid monthly

Electric Bill - £80 -£180 per year



Optional -

Drain down - £45

Sheds and Slabs - £460 +vat

Decking - £1,500 upwards

Change over valve £185 supplied and fitted


All our outside contractors are insured have the correct training and certificates for their skills. If you are wanting any work done in or around your van please let us know as we need to check the company you are wanting to use is insured and qualified.

If you wish to view any of our range or want to find out more, please telephone  Natalie on 01754 875 324 or 07483315829


We will be happy to help you find your dream holiday home,